Tammy Crosby – Studio Manager

Tammy’s likable and positive personality immediately granted her a job at Advantage Audio in 1992 as a receptionist. Eager to expand her knowledge of the post world, she began editing dialog for The Pink Panther and Problem Child. Having experienced work from both an editor’s perspective and also through client service lenses, Tammy’s multi-layered background leveraged her into the role as a well-rounded Studio Manager. As the first to receive any information pertaining to projects, Tammy effectively keeps communication open between the clients and staff, in order to ensure a smooth and productive process for each project. With great attention to detail, she works consistently and efficiently to make sure the scheduling needs of the clients are met, with the time and space available in the studio. Outside of work, Tammy enjoys yoga and the outdoors, sharpens her Nintendo Wii playing skills with her son Dylyn, and designs unique greeting cards.